When can I play StarForge?
You can purchase the game and play it right now. Go to -

http://www.forgeplanet.net to register and purchase the game. Then you can obtain a Steam key and activate and download it off of Steam. To purchase directly off of Steam visit - Buy on Steam
What is StarForge?
Please visit the Official StarForge website for more info. -


Also, view our feature list. -

The Final Release?
Sometime in 2014. We will be releasing on Steam and through our channels. Additional distribution may also be announced as development continues. Free updates will continue after final release.
How do I get my Steam Key?
Anyone who buys StarForge will also receive a Steam key for it. Please visit Get Steam Key to get your Steam key after purchasing. You can then use that key to activate your copy of StarForge on Steam.
I bought the game. Explain the updates?
We aim to release an update when we have polished all the outright bugs that we find internally. However, we are always aware of feature creep and try our best to schedule an update to include a few important additions, polish them, and then release them. This generally results in an update being released once every 1-2 months, sometimes longer if major backend tech is involved. Eventually updates will become more frequent as we finish the backend of the game and focus our efforts on extra items, weapons, vehicles, etc.

However, we make sure to post regular micro-updates about the progress we are making on our Twitter and Facebook feeds which can be seen at -

Will this work on my PC?
Please visit our store page for the latest info on system requirements. -

Are you Free To Play?
No, we are no longer Free To Play. Our original prototype was indeed released as F2P but we have since changed believing in a more simple process for the player to play and enjoy the game. You can purchase the game for half price during alpha dev in our store -

When will you exit alpha?
We think we will out of alpha at the end of 2013. But we cannot say for certain.
Why are there bugs in this game?
As games are developed they enter different stages. First is prototype, then alpha, then beta, and then final release and the ongoing updates. We are in alpha, so expect there to be things that are not yet fixed. Expect experimental features that may or may not survive the next alpha but will most likely come back in a future update after they are polished. However, we are always working on fixing bugs and you can let us know about any bugs you experience here - http://www.forgeforums.com/viewforum.php?f=12
Multiplayer Support?
Multiplayer will be released in a major update in early 2013. We plan to support both dedicated and server/client solutions. A full lobby and profile system will be added in a future update.
Not my Fav online account name?
No worries you will be able to change your display name in-game at anytime. Your account name is just your static identifier.
How do I get a job at CodeHatch?
Please visit our careers page here - http://codehatch.com/careers.html
Login Issues?
In the current version of StarForge a small percentage of users experience login issues.

The first being where the login browser does not show at all. This is fixed and will no longer occur in our next update.

The second being they are confused about the process. After you log into the game via the ingame web browser, it will take you to the store page. Let this page FULLY load and then exit out of the web browser and a play button will be available.

We apologize for the current login system, it has since been replaced by a simple and sleek integrated login which will be released with our next update in early 2013
Single Player Support?
Singeplayer will always be an option in our game. It is being developed alongside the online offerings.
Wonky physics?
We are always improving our physics movement systems. Any videos before 2013 used an older version and it has since been majorly revamped in both control and made to look natural to the human eye.
What's this about an IndieGoGo?
In November 2012 we ran an IndieGoGo campaign to great results (their biggest gaming campaign ever at the time). This helped finance StarForge in a major way. The campaign is no longer running. You can view the campaign website here - http://www.indiegogo.com/starforge
Where's my IGG perks?
Please visit this link for the latest activity detailing our progress in delivering StarForge and the promised IGG perks - http://www.indiegogo.com/starforge?c=activity
Mac and Linux Support?
We plan to port over to Mac in early 2013. And Linux in late 2013. We are first developing the tech to work properly in our native dev environment and then will focus our efforts on additional platforms.
Community FAQ On Our Forums
Ask A Question On Our Forums
http://www.forgeforums.com - Please ask a question here before emailing if it is about a general topic. We would also like your feedback to be posted here. We do read the forums and enjoy participating in the discussions when we can.
What else do you develop?
Currently, StarForge is the only project under development.

Email Guidelines

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1. Please read the FAQ to the left of this page before emailing to see if your question was already answered.

2. Activating Your IndieGoGo Account - please put in the subject "IGG Account Problems" and include your StarForge account username in your description plus the perk you bought. Also visit http://www.forgeplanet.net/indiegogo_transfer.php if you haven't already.

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Online support

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sworin@codehatch.com - Primary email(send business inquires and account requests)

steve@codehatch.com - Secondary email not checked very often

- If you did not hear back after a few weeks on an important issue, please email back and be sure to read the guildelines to the left. We apologize if we missed your mail.